Roads have connected our country for many centuries, and drivers were the people that made this journey possible. In the early days of the transportation industry, there were the stagecoaches that brought goods and mail from cost to cost. For many of the drivers, it was a way of life. Brave and adventurous men willing to face danger and adversities.

Many things have changed since then, but the human abilities that make a skilful driver, not so much. Bravery, responsibility, free spirit and a great love for our values and country are the same.

We at Blue Cube Logistics Inc take things seriously and we are adamant about bringing our drivers safely back home to their families. These men are providers for their families and need all the support they can get. Our support service is available 24/7/365. We are always here for you.

We value traditions because they are part of our heritage and are the backbone of our society. Along comes innovation, and we at Blue Cube Logistics Inc embrace it, because it facilitates access to gadgets and technology that generate a safer and more comfortable environment for our drivers.

Looking boldly into the future, we want to be our nation’s top employer in the field. We listen to the needs of our drivers and make sure we fulfill them. Being a driver is more than a job, it is a way of life.

Truck driver working for a reliable carrier company

Our Mission

Driving is tough, but it is not only about toughness. It is about being a free spirit in our world and finding your way in life. We want to bring fun, ethics, responsibility and family life into this line of business.

Blue Cube Logistics Inc  is about the core values of our society: personal achievement, individualism, work, morality, humanitarianism, efficiency and practicality, progress and material comfort, equality, democracy, and freedom.

We believe that hard work should the rewarded, and every man should grow and achieve higher life standards.

Therefore, choose to be a driver for us, choose to be in charge of your life and the life standards of your loved ones.




Focus on what ought to be rather than what is. Challenge convention and set a new standard.


Drive over adversity. There will be days where things don’t go as planned. Shake it off.


Seek new perspectives. Ask “stupid” questions. Search more. Learn, apply, create.


Always do a little more than what’s expected. At the very least. These are the moments that our drivers and shippers remember and talk about.


Embrace diversity, foster inclusion, and promote equity for all.


Do what we say we’re going to do. Do the right thing, even when no one’s looking.